Kayak and Canoe Rentals

For the more adventurous, explore Denali State Park’s largest lake on your own. Whether you come for amazing photography, bird watching, salmon spawning or just want to get out and be active in nature we offer a variety of boat sizes to fit your experience. Byers Lake is a gem you don’t want to miss. Step off the shore and explore the crystal clear lake and pristine environment at your own pace with kayak and canoe rentals that match your style.

Available Equipment

Kayaking, canoeing, and paddle boarding are fun activities, but you need to make sure you rent the right equipment. We don’t want a relaxing afternoon on the water to turn into stress and discomfort. That’s why all our kayak and canoe rentals include safety instruction and experienced assistance in gear selection. Below are details about the high-quality canoe and kayak rental options we offer.

Rental Details

Good to Know Before You Go

Our rental desk is open from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM 7 days a week.

All rentals are dispatched on a first come, first serve basis. No reservations.

You can rent by the hour, day or overnight. Discounts are available for multi-day rentals and we offer special rate from 5:00 PM to 10:00 AM.

On holiday weekends we do run out of boats so to ensure availability we encourage you to come early.

Call 907-733-7238 for pricing.


Single Kayak Rental

If you’re looking for speed and maneuverability, a kayak rental is your best choice. Our single kayak is the Scrambler 11, one of the safest and most comfortable kayaks on the water. It has a Comfort Plus seat backrest and a molded-in seat well and cup holder; no aching back after your kayaking experience! It also has a Tri-Form hull, which makes it one of the most stable and maneuverable kayaks on the market.>

Tandem Kayak Rental

Our tandem kayak is the Malibu Two, a two-seater modeled after the renowned Scrambler 11. It can be paddled by one person, or you can bring two people and place a small child in the middle. If your comparing kayak and canoe rentals for multiple boaters this is a great choice for those who want the speed of a kayak but don’t want to go it alone.

Carry handles on either side make transport in and out of the water a simple task; no hurting your back or dropping it on your foot when moving it in or our of the water. Our tandem kayaks also include the Comfort Plus seat backrests.

Canoe Rental

If you like to take things a bit slower, a canoe rental is your best bet. We have a fleet of Guide 147 Old Town canoes ready to take you out on the water. The canoe has two comfortable seats and a spacious middle section for additional passengers. It’s one of the easiest canoes to paddle, thanks to its streamlined shape and sharp ends. Its stability makes fishing and family outings safe and fun experiences. For even more stability with kids or pets, we can add a stabilizer with floats to prevent tipping for an additional fee.

Paddle Board Rental

Our paddle board is the Nalu 12.5, one of the best on the market. It has incredible stability, making it easy for beginners to learn how to paddleboard for the first time. The pads in the middle make standing and kneeling comfortable ‒ important when you’re out on the water for hours at a time! The Nalu 12.5 is easy to maneuver as well. Whether you prefer standing or kneeling, you’ll be cutting through the water at speeds you didn’t think were possible with a board and a paddle. It also gives a great upper-body workout.

We also offer the NRS Imperial 6 Inflatable SUP with ultra rock hard characteristics that rival hard boards. This 6-inch-thick design with more air volume provides optimal performance and stability for paddlers up to 260 pounds.

Life Jacket Rental

Many rental shops give you decades-old life jackets from the basement. We don’t compromise with your life. We offer the NRS Vista PFD life jacket, which is certified by the US Coast Guard and has seven adjustment points to ensure it fits your body. If you decide to go for an unplanned swim from any of our kayak and canoe rentals, you’ll be safe and sound.


Call 907-733-7238 for pricing.

Byers Lake Campground

Want to know more?

Byers Lake has a beautiful campground for RVs and tents. Read about it on our blog and find out more at the Alaska Department of Natural Resources website, or call 907-269-8400.